Speak Your Truth

Every person has a story. We give these stories a stage on which to be shared with the world. So the best way to know the stories of our experiences through Speak It Forward Inc. is to hear it directly from the mouths of those we have worked with: business owners, teachers, students, prisoners, juveniles, you name it.

  • “It is not the experiences people have in and of themselves that make them who they are, rather the way in which the people choose to reflect on those experiences that defines them.” – John Dewey

Here are a few stories that reveal to us the power of communication and how it can either be used to tear down the world…or lift it up.

Derrick Spears – Third Grade Bullies

Derrick Spears shares his heart felt experience of how being bullied turned him into the thing he hated most – a bully. And the journey to rediscover his youthful innocence.

Tim Minor – Mason Jars

Tim Minor is one of the original Speak It Forward Mentors. One of the ways he has influenced many youth comes from his honest reflections about his past through his writing. Take a few moments to witness Tim’s poem to his mother who died of cancer when he was a child, Mason Jars, a poem over 20 years in the making.