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Transforming the lives of youth and adults by using spoken-word poetry as a vehicle to raise awareness, challenge stereotypes, break down barriers and instill a sense of empowerment and community.

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Whether our students are teenagers struggling to make it through English class or a business owner focused on their craft, we are able to tap into their potential as a writer and unleash it through the art of spoken word.

Our workshops use poetry mechanics, word play and raw honesty to take people on a self-exploratory journey. Upon completing each workshop, we share our stories with each other through performance. It is through this powerful sharing that we grow into better writers, better people and are more connected with the world around us.

See the Vision

It is through the sharing of our experiences that we can build authentic relationships.

Hear the Stories

Connect with our students through their stories, testimonials and experiences.

Join the Movement

We are a community of people like you who value the unheard voices of our world.

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