Mission. Vision. Values.

Our Mission

Speak It Forward Inc., is dedicated to transforming, uplifting and empowering youth and adults through the arts, mindfulness and grassroots movement building to actively oppose systemic injustice toward an equitable and more connected community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help ease the suffering in the world. We envision a world where people have a strong sense of self, the ability to communicate who they are and what they need. To do this we encourage and embrace creative leadership, innovative teamwork and an out of the box approach to provide the best tools for the people we serve.

  • When we understand that our worldview is shaped by our perspective and the way we reflect on our personal experiences, we are better able to change the narrative we have about ourselves and others. So by examining and then sharing these deeply honest stories about ourselves, we are able to get out of our own way, build unlikely bridges and heal past wounds that hold us back.

Our Values

The mission and Vision of Speak it Forward, Inc., is supported by these values:

  • we believe in engaging youth and adults in order to transform their lives by creating community building opportunities and offering inspirational and educational curriculum to help people heal and grow;
  • we strive to create a platform for honest interaction, vulnerability, self-reflection and trust building to inspire and motivate others to recognize their own strengths, self-worth and learn how to embrace all aspects of their own being;
  • we believe in breaking down walls and barriers and in promoting forgiveness and healing;
  • we trust that encouraging love and understanding through honest stories of the human spirit will benefit all and are worthy of sharing loudly and boldly, especially the stories of those who have been silenced;
  • we believe stewardship requires open dialogue and transparency, the wise use of resources, and the practice of selflessness, ethics and good judgment.