Keynote Speaking


In today’s current educational climate, it’s not just the students who need uplifting. As our teachers and administration continue to be asked to do more and more, it can often leave them feeling burned out and under-appreciated. Bringing over 30 years of experience into the classroom, Speak It Forward has been brought into schools around the nation to create one of a kind Professional Developments for staff and speak to a variety of topics including education, engagement, creating effective habits, leadership, mindfulness and much more.

PD days developed by Speak It Forward provide a reset button for those in need of a fresh start and gives motivation to engage all facets of the education field or work force with humorous storytelling, powerful interactive activities and much needed inspiration.

“Whether you’re looking to uplift, inspire or tackle the difficult current issues, Speak It Forward has ways to approach a myriad of topics utilizing a mix of wild humor, personal testimony, and a research driven approach in their presentations to motivate audiences everywhere. From alternative high school auditoriums to Fortune 500 companies, from National arts conferences to maximum security prisons – it’s amazing to see how Speak It Forward continues to find a way uncover the power within each unique audience and modify their approach to help any group build stronger relationships with others, embrace failures as learning opportunities, understand how to create powerful habits, and learn to celebrate even the smallest successes”
– Skot Welch, Global Bridge Builders.

SiF deploys inductive learning modalities, highly effective interpersonal communication methods, mindfulness training and resilience techniques to engage students and guide them through key learning objectives. SiF workshops teach students healthier ways of communicating, effective coping skills, and help build an improved sense of self so they can engage their communities in more positive, successful and joyful ways.


Speak It Forward is no stranger to the difficulties and hurdles that face the non-profit world. We started this organization as a way to give back and help people find the power in their voice and reignite the passion in their lives. As co-directors of a nonprofit and having spoken around the country at numerous conferences and events, we have talked and listened to so many people who have dedicated their lives to helping others.

However, as nonprofit leaders and directors, we cannot fill the buckets of those we serve if our own buckets are empty. The more we listen, the more we here about burn out, high turnover and sometimes low staff morale impacting the sector we have dedicated our lives to. While we love what we do, this kind of work is sometimes messy, often challenging and always draining. Yet, it is important; it is needed and it can be beyond rewarding. Learning to refill our wells with laughter, love and light today will provide us with even more opportunity to give tomorrow.

Speak It Forward uses the power of humor, personal experiences and a research driven approach, to help inspire and remind audiences everywhere that the hard thing to do is often the most rewarding. Their infectious energy and unique backgrounds collide on stage with two distinct personalities that remind us that for as hard as life can get, we never have to do it alone.

If you are looking for a way to reignite that passion and redefine the purpose book Speak It Forward today for a presentation, professional development or your next conference!


Knowing how to motivate and show appreciation for your workforce will help ensure they’re enthusiastically bringing their best efforts each day and helping the company meet its sales and performance goals, whatever they might be… With over 30 years of combined experience in the field, motivating and connecting is exactly what Speak It Forward does best!

Speak It Forward is a nationally-renowned, award winning organization. These highly dynamic keynote speakers and performance artists have made a career out of inspiring and motivating adults to reconnect to their inner passion and channel that energy into their everyday lives.

In a world full of fast paced deadlines and short attention spans reconnecting the mind and the heart is where the magic happens. Too often we find ourselves being told to separate our personal and professional lives, to “leave ourselves at the door” when we walk into work. But according to a study by the Journal of Economic Psychology, employees who feel appreciated and comfortable to be themselves at work causes them to choose more challenging tasks and are motivated to be productive.

Utilizing a mix of wild humor, personal testimony, and a research driven approach, Speak It Forward’s presentations remind audiences everywhere that the best businesses are not solely focused on the bottom line, but on the pulsing heartbeat of the people in them. That if we want our businesses to be successful, we must have successful relationships not just with our customer base, but also with the people we lead and those who lead us.

If you are looking for a way to recharge your company and power up the heartbeat of your business, book Speak It Forward today for a presentation or engagement workshop for your next meeting, conference or just another regular day on the job.


Speak It Forward has always focused on vulnerable youth populations which largely guides the continued development in our psychological models of education, community engagement and trauma informed work. It is our goal to remove barriers and increase access to community resources, quality arts programming and self-improvement education for those who are most in need.

Speak It Forward’s team of professional teaching artists and performers work diligently with youth, mostly housed in lock-up facilities from around the state. They offer writing and performance workshops that guide students to find their voice, discover the power of their own story and enhance their compositional and speaking skills. This process transforms their perspective of self, enhances their interpersonal skills, while also improving their interview skills, communication abilities, and their understanding of language as a critical tool.