See The Vision

Speak It Forward Inc. was founded in 2009 by innovators in the art of spoken word performance poetry, Kirk Latimer and Gabriel Giron. After gaining success for their performances featuring vulnerable presentations, Kirk and Gabriel found it important to come back to their community and establish a non-profit to give back and delve deeper into the community as a whole.

Speak It Forward Inc. is founded on the building blocks that everyone has a voice, and every single voice matters. What is critical is finding a way to FIND that voice, REFINE that voice and then provide a platform for that voice to be HEARD. The vision of SiF is simple in that it aims to change the narrative we have about others, by understanding first that our world view is shaped by who we are and what we decided to hide or share with the rest of the world.

Speak It Forward Inc. believes in building authentic relationships among people and community organizations through the sharing of our human experiences. It is these human experiences that connect us and show us that, like Kirk and Gabriel, we are not separate at all, whether we are at the head of the table, or behind prison bars. Through sharing our stories with one another, we build bridges to understanding and begin to take steps to heal a fractured societal psyche that is in need of breaking down anonymity and opening its heart to the outside world.


Hear The Stories

Learn about the ways SIF empowers youth and our community to find ways to express themselves and find positive outlets by discovering their inner voices


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Speak it Forward is more than an idea. It is a community: a community of people like you who choose to value the unheard voices of our world.


Meet Our Board

Speak it Forward is run by a dedicated board of directors. Meet our team and get to know the people leading the way towards changing lives in our community!