Find Your Own Story

In 2009, Kirk Latimer and Gabriel Giron, founded Speak It Forward Inc. As innovators of spoken word edu-tainment, Kirk and Gabriel intimately understand the importance of diving deep into yourself, finding your voice, refining your delivery and sharing your story with others. Speak It Forward Inc. aims to teach all members of their community these skills.

When we understand that our worldview is shaped by our perspective and the way we reflect on our personal experiences, we are better able to change the narrative we have about ourselves and others. So by examining and then sharing these deeply honest stories about ourselves, we are able to get out of our own way, build unlikely bridges and heal past wounds that hold us back.

It is through the act of sharing these very human experiences that we are able to build authentic relationships among people and community organizations. Because it is these human experiences that connect us and show us that we are not separate at all. Every voice holds value, whether it comes from the head of the table or behind prison bars.

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It is through the sharing of our experiences that we can build authentic relationships.

Hear the Stories

Connect with our students through their stories, testimonials and experiences.

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We are a community of people like you who value the unheard voices of our world.