Hear The Stories

Every person has a story. We give these stories a stage on which to be shared with the world. So the best way to know the stories of our experiences through Speak It Forward Inc. is to hear it directly from the mouths of those we have worked with: business owners, teachers, students, prisoners, juveniles, you name it.

Here are a few stories that reveal to us the power of communication and how it can either be used to tear down the world…or lift it up.


See The Vision

Speak it Forward exposes individuals to the literary word by providing educational opportunities to help youth and adults express their voice through the written and oral word


Join the Movement

Speak it Forward is more than an idea. It is a community: a community of people like you who choose to value the unheard voices of our world.


Meet Our Board

Speak it Forward is run by a dedicated board of directors. Meet our team and get to know the people leading the way towards changing lives in our community!